Menu Adpater - adapter enabled = false not working as expected

Aug 1, 2008 at 11:35 AM

Hi everyone
I have been using the Menu adapter for some time now with all my menus but not need to disable the adapter on certain menus. I expected to just be able to use the adpaterenabled=false on the control but doing so seems to not work as expected (does not render the tables around the menu anymore as well as any of the table rows or columns). Can anyone else confirm this problem? Is this a problem?  Is this not how the adapterenabled=false was expected to be used?

To be honest before redoing the test with the standard css adapters I was trying to change them to allow you to control which menu to use the CSS control adapters on. EG selectively choose one menu to render as CSS friendly and all others as standard table based menus.
I would appreciate any help.

Kind Regards