DetailsView not rendering properly

Sep 12, 2008 at 7:08 PM
Great toolkit btw.

I've successfully implemented the GridView adapter across our application, so i'm assuming i don't have any newbie installation/setup/config issues with how i'm using the adapters. However, the DetailsView is giving me some issues.

I'm rendering a DetailsView inside an Ajax TabContainer. Although, the same problem exists on other screens where the DetailsView is not embedded inside an ajax control. The data appears on the screen completely unformatted, and when i look inside the source, all i see is the following:

<div class="AspNet-DetailsView" id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_TabContainer1_tabPanelTestCaseSummary_testCaseSummaryDetailView"></div>
There is no content (LI's and LU's) that i would expect to see in there just as i did with the GridView inside the <Div> tag, and yet the data is appearing on the screen. Is this stuff in the viewstate? In which case, why would the behaviour change between the GridView and the DetailsView?

I'm assuming that the DetailsView.css stylesheet isn't working because it isn't finding the appropriate LI and LU tags. I also traced the DetailsViewAdapter.cs and the writer object was properly streaming all the expected markup for this object, but again, it never appears on the page itself.

Once i disable the DetailsView adapter in the .browser file, it renders it properly with the <table> markup.
Well, i'm at a loss, so if anyone can cast some light i'd be eternally grateful.