IE6 Menu issue

May 1, 2009 at 2:57 PM
    I have come across an issue with a menu control on my site when viewed in IE6.  I have implemented a horizontal menu with dropdowns and the css adapters however am finding that one of the scripts is causing the menu titles to not display/align correctly until each li is mousedover.  I have created a sample page of the page - which you can use to view the issue in IE6.  The offending script tag appears to be -



script src="/TestWebSite/WebResource.axd?d=TJBg4Drk8pbf9y6qhv22JXH1-TLHnI06m--92AG3xMbu1EldAoTx7jSKAK5OqY6yLn8rE-76OEBAKFwCTl0YOA2&amp;t=633676280770156250" type="text/javascript"></script>


I have created a flat html version using the same code as the aspx page but with this script commented out and the additional style/script added to fix the hover issue in IE6 :




html li







behavior: expression(


this.onmouseover = new Function("this.className += ' AspNet-Menu-Hover'"),

this.onmouseout = new Function("this.className = this.className.replace(' AspNet-Menu-Hover','')"), = null






this new version is at and this appears to fix the issue.  Can anyone advise of any known fixes workarounds for this problem?