Treeview background image not shown

Aug 24, 2009 at 8:07 PM

I have a sitemap treeview on my master page. I am using the CSS friendly adapters. Everything is working as it should with the expection of the plus or minus background images are not visible. I am using VS 2008 as my debug platform and when I check the html  and css I find the following:

<div class="PrettyTree" id="ct100_treeView1".

  <div class="AspNet=TreeBiew">

     <ul id="ct100_Treeview1_UL">

      <li class="AspNet-TreeView-Root AspNet-TreeView-Selected">

        <span class="AspNet-TreeView-Expand" onclick="ExpandCollapse_AspNetTrrView(this)"> 

The style for this span is:

.PrettyTree DIV.AspNet=Treeviw .AspNet-TreeView-Expand

  margin-top : 1px

 width : 20px

 backround: url(~/Images/plus.jpg); FLOAT: left

 cursor  : pointer